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3D MAS NMR Experiment Utilizing Through-Space 15N–15N Correlations, K. J. Donovan, Silvers, R., Linse, S., and Griffin, R. G., , Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 139, pp. 6518–6521, 2017.
Cavitand-Functionalized SWCNTs forN-Methylammonium Detection, M. Dionisio, Schnorr, J. M., Michaelis, V. K., Griffin, R. G., Swager, T. M., and Dalcanale, E., , Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 134, pp. 6540–6543, 2012.
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A Chemically Competent Thiosulfuranyl Radical on theEscherichia coliClass III Ribonucleotide Reductase, Y. Wei, Mathies, G., Yokoyama, K., Chen, J., Griffin, R. G., and Stubbe, J. A., , Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 136, pp. 9001–9013, 2014.
CHHC and 1H–1H magnetization exchange: Analysis by experimental solid-state NMR and 11-spin density-matrix simulations, M. Aluas, Tripon, C., Griffin, J. M., Filip, X., Ladizhansky, V., Griffin, R. G., Brown, S. P., and Filip, C., , Journal of Magnetic Resonance, vol. 199, pp. 173–187, 2009.
Combining DNP NMR with segmental and specific labeling to study a yeast prion protein strain that is not parallel in-register, K. K. Frederick, Michaelis, V. K., Caporini, M. A., Andreas, L. B., Debelouchina, G. T., Griffin, R. G., and Lindquist, S., , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 114, pp. 3642–3647, 2017.
Compensated second-order recoupling: application to third spin assisted recoupling, M. Giffard, Hediger, S., Lewandowski, J. R., Bardet, M., Simorre, J. - P., Griffin, R. G., and De Paëpe, G., , Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 14, p. 7246, 2012.
A Continuous Flow Strategy for the Coupled Transfer Hydrogenation and Etherification of 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural using Lewis Acid Zeolites, J. D. Lewis, de Vyver, S. Van , Crisci, A. J., Gunther, W. R., Michaelis, V. K., Griffin, R. G., and Román-Leshkov, Y., , ChemSusChem, vol. 7, pp. 2255–2265, 2014.
Continuously Tunable 250 GHz Gyrotron with a Double Disk Window for DNP-NMR Spectroscopy, S. K. Jawla, Ni, Q. Zhe, Barnes, A. B., Guss, W., Daviso, E., Herzfeld, J., Griffin, R. G., and Temkin, R., , Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves, vol. 34, pp. 42–52, 2012.
Continuous-Wave Operation of a Frequency-Tunable 460-GHz Second-Harmonic Gyrotron for Enhanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, A. C. Torrezan, Han, S. - T., Mastovsky, I., Shapiro, M. A., Sirigiri, J. R., Temkin, R. J., Barnes, A. B., and Griffin, R. G., , IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, vol. 38, pp. 1150–1159, 2010.