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The structure of a β2-microglobulin fibril suggests a molecular basis for its amyloid polymorphism, M. G. Iadanza, Silvers, R., Boardman, J., Smith, H. I., Karamanos, T. K., Debelouchina, G. T., Su, Y., Griffin, R. G., Ranson, N. A., and Radford, S. E., , Nature Communications, vol. 9, 2018.
Secondary Structure in the Core of Amyloid Fibrils Formed from Human β2m and its Truncated Variant ΔN6, Y. Su, Sarell, C. J., Eddy, M. T., Debelouchina, G. T., Andreas, L. B., Pashley, C. L., Radford, S. E., and Griffin, R. G., , Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 136, pp. 6313–6325, 2014.
Peptide and Protein Dynamics and Low-Temperature/DNP Magic Angle Spinning NMR, Q. Zhe Ni, Markhasin, E., Can, T. V., Corzilius, B., Tan, K. Ooi, Barnes, A. B., Daviso, E., Su, Y., Herzfeld, J., and Griffin, R. G., , The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 121, pp. 4997–5006, 2017.
Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Characterization of Voltage-Dependent Anion Channel Gating in Two-Dimensional Lipid Crystalline Bilayers, M. T. Eddy, Andreas, L., Teijido, O., Su, Y., Clark, L., Noskov, S. Y., Wagner, G., Rostovtseva, T. K., and Griffin, R. G., , Biochemistry, vol. 54, pp. 994–1005, 2015.
Magic Angle Spinning NMR of Proteins: High-Frequency Dynamic Nuclear Polarization and1H Detection, Y. Su, Andreas, L., and Griffin, R. G., , Annual Review of Biochemistry, vol. 84, pp. 465–497, 2015.
Lipid bilayer-bound conformation of an integral membrane beta barrel protein by multidimensional MAS NMR, M. T. Eddy, Su, Y., Silvers, R., Andreas, L., Clark, L., Wagner, G., Pintacuda, G., Emsley, L., and Griffin, R. G., , Journal of Biomolecular NMR, vol. 61, pp. 299–310, 2015.
In-Situ Characterization of Pharmaceutical Formulations by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced MAS NMR, Q. Zhe Ni, Yang, F., Can, T. V., Sergeyev, I. V., D’Addio, S. M., Jawla, S. K., Li, Y., Lipert, M. P., Xu, W., Williamson, R. Thomas, Leone, A., Griffin, R. G., and Su, Y., , The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 121, no. 34, pp. 8132-8141, 2017.
High Resolution Structural Characterization of Aβ42Amyloid Fibrils by Magic Angle Spinning NMR, M. T. Colvin, Silvers, R., Frohm, B., Su, Y., Linse, S., and Griffin, R. G., , Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 137, pp. 7509–7518, 2015.
Expanding the Repertoire of Amyloid Polymorphs by Co-polymerization of Related Protein Precursors, C. J. Sarell, Woods, L. A., Su, Y., Debelouchina, G. T., Ashcroft, A. E., Griffin, R. G., Stockley, P. G., and Radford, S. E., , Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 288, pp. 7327–7337, 2013.
Efficient, balanced, transmission line RF circuits by back propagation of common impedance nodes, E. Markhasin, Hu, J., Su, Y., Herzfeld, J., and Griffin, R. G., , Journal of Magnetic Resonance, vol. 231, pp. 32–38, 2013.