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Journal Article
Time-optimized pulsed dynamic nuclear polarization, K. Ooi Tan, Yang, C., Weber, R. T., Mathies, G., and Griffin, R. G., , Science Advances, vol. 5, p. eaav6909, 2019.
Reverse Micelles As a Platform for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Solution NMR of Proteins, K. G. Valentine, Mathies, G., Bédard, S., Nucci, N. V., Dodevski, I., Stetz, M. A., Can, T. V., Griffin, R. G., and A. Wand, J., , Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 136, pp. 2800–2807, 2014.
Pulsed Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with Trityl Radicals, G. Mathies, Jain, S., Reese, M., and Griffin, R. G., , The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 7, pp. 111–116, 2016.
Methane to Acetic Acid over Cu-Exchanged Zeolites: Mechanistic Insights from a Site-Specific Carbonylation Reaction, K. Narsimhan, Michaelis, V. K., Mathies, G., Gunther, W. R., Griffin, R. G., and Román-Leshkov, Y., , Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 137, pp. 1825–1832, 2015.
Efficient Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at 800 MHz/527 GHz with Trityl-Nitroxide Biradicals, G. Mathies, Caporini, M. A., Michaelis, V. K., Liu, Y., Hu, K. - N., Mance, D., Zweier, J. L., Rosay, M., Baldus, M., and Griffin, R. G., , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, vol. 54, pp. 11770–11774, 2015.
Conformation of bis-nitroxide polarizing agents by multi-frequency EPR spectroscopy, J. Soetbeer, Gast, P., Walish, J. J., Zhao, Y., George, C., Yang, C., Swager, T. M., Griffin, R. G., and Mathies, G., , Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 20, pp. 25506–25517, 2018.
A Chemically Competent Thiosulfuranyl Radical on theEscherichia coliClass III Ribonucleotide Reductase, Y. Wei, Mathies, G., Yokoyama, K., Chen, J., Griffin, R. G., and Stubbe, J. A., , Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 136, pp. 9001–9013, 2014.