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In-Situ Characterization of Pharmaceutical Formulations by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced MAS NMR, Q. Zhe Ni, Yang, F., Can, T. V., Sergeyev, I. V., D’Addio, S. M., Jawla, S. K., Li, Y., Lipert, M. P., Xu, W., Williamson, R. Thomas, Leone, A., Griffin, R. G., and Su, Y., , The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 121, no. 34, pp. 8132-8141, 2017.
Insight into the Mechanism of Inactivation of Ribonucleotide Reductase by Gemcitabine 5′-Diphosphate in the Presence or Absence of Reductant, E. Artin, Wang, J., Lohman, G. J. S., Yokoyama, K., Yu, G., Griffin, R. G., Bar, G., and Stubbe, J. A., , Biochemistry, vol. 48, pp. 11622–11629, 2009.
In Situ Temperature-Jump Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Enhanced Sensitivity in Two Dimensional13C−13C Correlation Spectroscopy in Solution, C. - G. Joo, Casey, A., Turner, C. J., and Griffin, R. G., , Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 131, pp. 12–13, 2009.
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High-resolution solid-state NMR structure of Alanyl-Prolyl-Glycine, A. B. Barnes, Andreas, L. B., Huber, M., Ramachandran, R., van der Wel, P. C. A., Veshtort, M., Griffin, R. G., and Mehta, M. A., , Journal of Magnetic Resonance, vol. 200, pp. 95–100, 2009.
High-Resolution Solid-State NMR Structure of a 17.6 kDa Protein, I. Bertini, Bhaumik, A., De Paëpe, G., Griffin, R. G., Lelli, M., Lewandowski, J. R., and Luchinat, C., , Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 132, pp. 1032–1040, 2010.
High-Resolution MAS NMR Analysis of PI3-SH3 Amyloid Fibrils: Backbone Conformation and Implications for Protofilament Assembly and Structure, M. J. Bayro, Maly, T., Birkett, N. R., MacPhee, C. E., Dobson, C. M., and Griffin, R. G., , Biochemistry, vol. 49, pp. 7474–7484, 2010.
Highly branched and loop-rich gels via formation of metal–organic cages linked by polymers, A. V. Zhukhovitskiy, Zhong, M., Keeler, E. G., Michaelis, V. K., Sun, J. E. P., Hore, M. J. A., Pochan, D. J., Griffin, R. G., Willard, A. P., and Johnson, J. A., , Nature Chemistry, vol. 8, pp. 33–41, 2015.
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High-Frequency Dynamic Nuclear Polarization, M. L. Mak-Jurkauskas and Griffin, R. G., , Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance, 2010.
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High frequency dynamic nuclear polarization: New directions for the 21st century, R. G. Griffin, Swager, T. M., and Temkin, R. J., , Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 2019.
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Expanding the Repertoire of Amyloid Polymorphs by Co-polymerization of Related Protein Precursors, C. J. Sarell, Woods, L. A., Su, Y., Debelouchina, G. T., Ashcroft, A. E., Griffin, R. G., Stockley, P. G., and Radford, S. E., , Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 288, pp. 7327–7337, 2013.