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Dipolar recoupling in solid state NMR by phase alternating pulse sequences, J. Lin, Bayro, M. J., Griffin, R. G., and Khaneja, N., , Journal of Magnetic Resonance, vol. 197, pp. 145–152, 2009.
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Structure of the Nucleotide Radical Formed during Reaction of CDP/TTP with the E441Q-α2β2 ofE. coliRibonucleotide Reductase, H. Zipse, Artin, E., Wnuk, S., Lohman, G. J. S., Martino, D., Griffin, R. G., Kacprzak, S., Kaupp, M., Hoffman, B., Bennati, M., and al., et, , Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 131, pp. 200–211, 2009.
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