Griffin Group Research Facilities

The laboratories and offices of the Griffin Group are located in the Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory (NW14).



  • EPR Spectrometers
    • 140 GHz EPR (4 K - 300 K)
      • TE011 Resonator Pulsed EPR Probe
      • TE011 Resonator Pulsed EPR / ENDOR / DNP / NMR Probe (Static)
    • 34 GHz (Q-band) / 9 GHz (X-band) EPR (4 K - 300 K)
      • MD4 Pulsed EPR / ENDOR/DNP Probe + SpinCore NMR Console
      • MD5 Pulsed EPR Probe
      • MS2 EPR Probe



Current High Field DNP NMR Systems Online



Current High Field DNP NMR Systems under Construction 


For a full list of the research facilites available to the Griffin Group see the Francis Bitter Magnet Lab site