ssNMR/DNP Zoominar

About the ZOOMinar

Since the beginning of March, the COVID-19 pandemic has abruptly changed the way we work and live. These changes include working from home and not being able to share our latest research findings at conferences.  In particular, essentially all of the conferences we normally attend (EUROMAR / Rocky Mountain / HYP20 / Gordon conferences etc.) have been cancelled or postponed. Hence, we would like to initiate a weekly ZOOMinar series for solid state NMR research groups with the goal of disseminating research results via an online ZOOM platform. We have decided, at least in the beginning, to focus on methods development in ssNMR & DNP in the first ZOOMinar series.  With time we imagine that the subject matter will broaden. The idea for the ZOOMinar emerged last Friday and is the brainchild of Kong O. Tan who has organized an initial list of speakers. The list presently includes: Alexander Barnes, Matthias Ernst, Rob Tycko, Songi Han, Michal Leskes, Frederic Mentink-Vigier, and Tatyana Polenova. In the future we hope that some of you will volunteer to do presentations on exciting results from your laboratory.  Please do not be shy about telling us that you would like to participate. The ZOOMinar will occur every Wednesday around 11 am Boston time (tentatively), and it would last either 1 or 1.5 hour. 


Bob and Kong


Report and Acknowledgement of ZOOMinar

'Keeping the magnetic resonance community in touch in times of pandemic, and beyond' by Lucio Frydman, JMR (2020).

'Sharing science on virtual platforms during the pandemic',  Summer/Fall (No. 279/280) 2020, Bulletin du Groupement Ampere


Presentation guidelines

  • It should be latest research findings, i.e. no older than one year of published material
  • Each talk will span 40 minutes (23 mins talk + 17 mins questions) 
  • The ZOOMinar will be recorded and posted online only if the speaker agrees. If not posted online, the link will be sent to the speaker, whom you can email/ask.
  • We will take questions from both Q&A function (text) and whoever raised hands (verbally) 
  • First session is on methods development, then applications (interleaved between bio/materials)
  • Use the online abstract submission system if you would like to be a speaker (students/postdocs encouraged)


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Dropbox: All relevant documents (slides/ppt/pdf are accessible in the dropbox link here) 




June 7th (video)

Amir Gouldbourt: “Structural snapshots in the life cycle of filamentous bacteriophage viruses” 

2nd speaker:  Enrico Ravera:“Solid-State NMR studies of immobilized enzymes ”

May 10th (video)

Paul Schanda : “Dynamics in large protein assemblies” 

Rasmus Linser :Facilitated elucidation of protein chemical properties, dynamics, and structure via higher-dimensionality, 1H-detected fast-MAS solid-state NMR


April 12th (video)

Stefan Stoll : “The mechanism of electron spin decoherence”

Rachel Martin :“NMR instrumentation for everyone using additive fabrication and automated benchmarking ”

March 29th (video)

Anja Böckmann : “Making the invisible visible: fast magic-angle-spinning NMR reveals the evasive hepatitis B virus capsid functional C-terminal domain” 

Patrick van der Wel:“Dynamics-based solid-state NMR studies of solvent-facing interfaces of biomolecular assemblies”

March 15th (video)

Kazuyuki Takeda: “Up-conversion of radio-frequency NMR signals to light via a membrane transducer” 

Claudio Luchinat “Mixed fibrils of Aβ-amyloids

March 1st (video)

Robert Tycko “Micron-scale MRI with DNP at 5 K: A new world's record

Robert Schurko: “State-of-the Art Techniques for Acquiring and Processing  Ultra-Wideline NMR Spectra” 

Feb 15th (video)

Daphna Shimon: “Large Room Temperature Bulk DNP of 13C via P1 Centers in Diamond”

Christophe Copéret “NMR Chemical Shift Beyond Numbers and Signatures”

Feb 1st (Sami's video)

Sami Jannin: “Still searching for an inexhaustible spring of hyperpolarization” 

Thomas Wiegand “Weak, but not too weak for solid-state NMR: Noncovalent interactions probed by fast magic-angle spinning”

Jan 18th (video)

Remembering Shimon Vega and a glimpse at his last work —Accounting for the microwave power dependence of static DNP enhancement with nitroxyl radicals by the i-CE model


Dec 14th (Tom Wenckebach's video)

Adam Lange: “Structure, dynamics, and inhibition of the rhomboid protease GlpG studied by proton-detected solid-state NMR” 

Tom Wenckebach “Spin-Lattice Relaxation of Dipolar Energy” 


Nov 30th (No video)

Vipin Agarwal: “Mapping interatomic 1H-1H distances at  fast MAS” 


Arno Kentgens “Solid-state NMR Studies of materials for Energy Conversion and Storage” 


Nov 17th (Nino's video)

Nino Wili: “An EPR spectroscopist exploring nuclei: DNP and reverse DNP” 

Józef Lewandowski “Interacting intrinsically disordered regions in complexes in the solid state” 


Nov 2nd (video)

Christian Degen: “Single-spin NMR and EPR using NV centers in diamond” 

Philip Grandinetti: “mrsimulator: A cross-platform object-oriented open-source software package for fast solid-state NMR spectral simulation and analysis” 


Oct 19th (video)

Teresa Carlomagno: “Solid-state NMR methods for RNA and RNP complexes” 

Daniel Jardon-Alvarez: “From PRE to DNP” 


Sept 23rd (video)

Warren Warren: “Ignoring avoided crossings improves SABRE hyperpolarization” 

Vladimir Ladizhansky: “Probing membrane protein unfolding by solid-state NMR” 


Aug 10th (video)

Chen Yang: “DNP: from the perspective of a programmer”

Sophia Hayes: “Lessons Learned from Computed NMR Tensors of Crystalline Solids—Looking beyond ‘Just’ Isotropic Shift.”


July 27th (video)

Gunnar Jeschke:  'Understanding relaxation of nitroxide electron spin at low temperatures - Dynamical decoupling and methyl tunnel coupling’


June 29th (video)

Nghia Tuan Duong: “On the use of radio-frequency offsets for improving double-quantum homonuclear dipolar recoupling of half-integer spin quadrupolar nuclei”

Joanna Long: “Biological DNP using quasioptics in the terahertz gap”   


June 15th (video)

 Klaus Schmidt-Rohr: “Determination of Domain Sizes Between 10 and 200 nm in Organic Solids by Advanced Analysis of 1H Inversion Recovery”

Galia Debelouchina: “NMR adventures in the chromatin landscape”  


June 1st (video)

Sudheer Jawla: “Recent progress in THz Sources and Techniques for DNP-NMR at MIT”

Kendra Frederick: “In-cell structural biology using DNP MAS NMR” 


May 18th (Michael's video)

Michael Hope: “17O DNP in Gd-CeO2: Room Temperature DNP, Relay, and the Raser Effect”

Moreno Lelli: “High field, fast MAS and Variable Temperature DNP of BDPA and Hybrid Biradicals” 


May 4th (videos)

Yifan Quan: 'Development and applications of triplet-DNP'

Guinevere Mathies: “TPPM DNP: a first report”


Apr 20th (No videos)

Chad Rienstra: 'Solid-State NMR of Synuclein Fibrils'

Hartmut Oschkinat: “Magic Angle Spinning NMR for Soluble Protein Systems with 500 to 3000 Amino Acids”


Apr 6th (videos)

Andy Smith: 'Unveiling the Dynamic Landscape with NMR and MD'

Leonard Mueller'Non-Uniform Sampling and the Preservation of Spectral Knowledge in the Time and Frequency Domains'


Mar 23rd (videos)

Jiafei Mao: 'Room-Temperature DNP NMR spectroscopy of small biological molecules in water - an unexpected rational path'

Thomas Prisner'Liquid-State DNP at 9.4 T - new results with different nitroxide radicals and on lipids'


Mar 9th (Brad's video, Christian/Loren's part will be available upon permission from speakers)

Christian Griesinger/ Loren Andreas: 'First experiences with 1.2 GHz in liquid and solid state NMR'

Brad Chmelka:'Scaling analyses of hyperpolarization transfer from paramagnetic centers into solid media'


Feb 23rd (Art's video)

Vlad Michaelis: 'Energy-related Materials Through the Eye of Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy'

Arthur Palmer:'Bootstrap aggregation for model selection in analysis of nuclear spin relaxation'


Feb 9th (Clare's video)

Dr. Frédéric Perras:  “First Principles Simulation of MAS-DNP in Large Spin Systems”

Clare P Grey "Applying new (and very old) magnetic resonance methods to study battery materials, ideally while operating"  


Jan 26th (Zhehong's video)

Zhehong Gan:  “high fields and long pulses for ssNMR of quadrupole nuclei”

Clemens Glaubitz  "Solid-state NMR on biomolecules- from membrane proteins to ribosome nascent chain complexes”


December 1st (video)

Mei Hong - 'Ligand-Bound Structure of a Membrane Transporter from 19F and 1H Solid-State NMR'

Francesca Marassi -  'Insights into host immune response from NMR'


November 17th (video)

Kong Ooi Tan - Shedding light on nuclei near the spin diffusion barrier via electron decoupling


November 3rd (video)

Jeff ReimerBlunt NMR and Adsorption on Surfaces


October 20th (Björn's video)

Chris JaroniecBase pairing in DNA by probed by DNP SSNMR

Björn CorziliusDistancing rules for spins: Site-specific effects in DNP


October 6th (No recording)

Beat MeierFirst MAS spectra @ 1200 MHz


September 22nd (Jan's video)

Ashok Ajoy Optically hyperpolarized nanodiamonds: applications for DNP and sensing

Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-Larsen  - Clinical translation for dissolution-DNP


September 8th (Yongchao's video)

Yongchao Su Challenges and Opportunity of Solid-State NMR in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Marc Baldus - High-sensitivity solid-state NMR in situ


August 19th (Xueqian's video)

Xueqian Kong (Sean)SSNMR of Nano-Structures: when Spectroscopists meet with Materials Scientists

P. K. Madhu - Recoupling in a Different Light


August 12th (videos)

Nhi Tran- DNP-enhanced REDOR: Membrane-Active Amphipathic Peptide

Tim Cross -17O NMR Spectroscopy at 35.2 T - Water Wire Hydrogen Bonding Stability in the Gramicidin A Pore 


August 5th (No recording)

Riddhiman Sarkar- Making use of the anisotropy orginating from off-magic angle sample spinning

Lyndon Emsley - Nuclear polarization is dynamic


July 29th (Yoh's video)

Yoh MatsukiSurface-only spectroscopy - DNP MAS NMR at 30 K and 16.4 T using closed-cycle helium MAS

David Bryce - An Update on SSNMR and NQR Investigations of Element-Based Electrophilic Non-Covalent Interactions


July 22nd (Monica's video)

Monica BlankMillimeter Wave Sources for NMR/DNP

Bernd Reif - Sensitivity and resolution in 1H-detected solid-state NMR


July 15th (Scott's video)

Scott Carnahan - Endogeneous Radical Creation for High Field MAS DNP

Marina BennatiFrom 19F ENDOR for distance measurements to liquid DNP


July 8th (Loren's video)

Lucio Frydman - Enhancing Biomolecular NMR with 'the other' DNP

Loren AndreasProton detection, membrane proteins, and small molecule-protein interactions via DNP


July 1st (Nobu's video)

Nobuhiro Yanai - Material chemistry of triplet-DNP

Frederic BlancZeolites Heterogeneous Catalysts Caught in the Act by (DNP) MAS NMR


June 24th (Hiroki's video)

Hiroki Nagashima - Observation of Low-Gamma Quadrupolar Nuclei by Surface-Enhaced NMR Spectroscopy

Gaël De Paëpe- Advancing DNP for materials and biomolecules


June 17th (Videos)

Wing Ying Chow - What happens in black cartilage: a new chapter enabled by DNP NMR

Ann McDermott - Allosery in membrane proteins- studies by solid-state NMR


June 10th (Videos)

Sheetal Jain - DNP Enhanced NMR spectroscopy reveals news sites in a P-modified zeolite catalyst

IIya Kuprov- What exactly is spin ?


June 3rd (Video of Aaron's session)

Evan Zhao - In situ NMR and EPR studies of anthraquinone-based redox flow batteries

Aaron Rossini - Characterization of nanomaterials by sensitivity-enhanced solid-state NMR spectroscopy


May 27th (Video of Quentin's session)

Quentin Chappuis - Direct observation of hyperpolarization breaking through the spin diffusion barrier

Tatyana Polenova - DNP-enhanced MAS NMR of biological assemblies


May 20th (Video of Malcolm's session)

Snaedis Bjoergvinsdottir - Hyperpolarization of inorganic materials by relay from the surface and DNP at 65 kHz MAS

Malcolm Levitt - Master equations old and new


May 13th 

Fred Mentink - Optimizing bis-nitroxides for MAS-DNP

Rob Tycko - Helium-cooled NMR and MRI with DNP


May 6th (Video Recordings)

Michal Leskes - Endogenous DNP from Paramagnetic Metal Ions in Inorganic Materials

Geoffrey Bodenhausen - How can one measure nuclear polarization in solids and liquids ?


Apr 29th (Video)

Matthias Ernst - Residual Line Width in FSLG Decoupled Proton MAS Spectra

Songi Han - Asymmetry in Electron Spin Polarization and Coupling drives Cross-Effect and Thermal Mixing DNP


Apr 22nd (Video)

Alexander Barnes - Spinning Spheres and Chirped Microwave Pulses for DNP and In-cell NMR


The ZOOMinar series is supported by NIH Grant P41 GM132079 and by MIT IS&T